The biggest takeaway from the Apple Worldwide Developer Conference 2024 was the introduction of Apple Intelligence. Apple is slowly making strides in AI. The Cupertino-based tech giant took its own sweet time but has brought out some truly groundbreaking AI features that could change the way we use iPhones, iPads, and Macs.

Here is a look at some of the unique ways you will be using Apple Intelligence in the future.

Siri becomes the ideal virtual assistant

Apple Intelligence has made its way to Siri. Now, each time you activate Siri, there will be a new glowing light on the edges of the screen. Users can now talk naturally to Siri, and the virtual assistant will understand everything you say. Based on the demonstrations, Siri is now capable of understanding deeper meaning like, who is your spouse or where your office is located. Besides, Siri is also getting ChatGPT and the results generated by the chatbot will be seamlessly displayed within the Siri interface.

ChatGPT comes to iPhone and Mac

Finally, the wait is over. iPhone and Mac will now come equipped with ChatGPT for free. Users can access ChatGPT right from Siri and ask questions. One can ask questions about documents, share photos with ChatGPT, and get suggestions. This will also allow users to create images and texts within documents. ChatGPT will come to all macOS Sequoia, iPadOS 18, and iOS 18 later this year and it will be powered by GPT-4.

Ask Apple Intelligence anything

With Apple Intelligence, you will be able to ask things about the document that was sent to you days ago. One can also ask to play a podcast recommended by a friend and even find photos with specific people in them.

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Search documents and auto-fill forms

This is one of the most useful features as one is often required to fill in online forms. With Apple Intelligence, users simply need to ask Siri to find a personal document like your driver’s license from your photos and auto-fill all the details from it into the form.

On-screen Awareness and In-App actions

With AI, users can command Siri to do specific things automatically. If you need to look up specific images, you can simply input the requirement in natural language. For example, Find photos of me wearing a yellow jacket. One can also ask Siri to make images vivid by asking it to infuse more colors. Siri is also now capable of summarizing documents in detail, you can also ask the response to be mailed to a friend or coworker.

AI-powered text editing in Mac

Apple Intelligence is empowering users with superior writing tools. Users can now generate new text, proofread and edit, and even change tone across. Besides, these writing tools allow users to write, rewrite, proofread, and summarize text from almost anywhere including Notes, Pages, Mailsand even third-party apps.

Image Playground

Apple’s Image Playground lets users create images in seconds. They can pick from three styles – Animation, Illustration, or Sketch. The Image Playground feature is built into apps including messages. One simply needs to type a description to define an image, choose someone from their personal photo library to include in their image, and pick their favourite style.

Clean images

This is the best use case of AI for those who click pictures on the go. With AI searching for photos has never been easy. Users can ask Siri to search for images. Moreover, the Clean Up tool can help you identify and remove distracting objects in the background of a photo.

Find how features work

In case you want to try a feature and you forgot the name, Siri can help you. Users simply need to describe what they want to do and Siri will give instructions on how to do it. This can come in handy for tasks like scheduling mailstexts, or even managing appointments in calendars.


Apple now lets you generate yours own emojis in a matter of seconds. You can pick yourself or a friend and create emojis that look just like them. Genmoji is integrated into Messages allowing you to share your custom emojis with the world.

It is to be noted that the official version of Apple Intelligence will be available to users in the latter half of the year.