LOS ANGELES, June 27 (Xinhua) — Two giant pandas, Yun Chuan and Xin Bao, have arrived in California, the United States, Thursday morning on a chartered flight from China, for a 10-year international giant panda protection cooperation with San Diego Zoo, marking a new round of giant panda protection cooperation between China and the United States.

Yun Chuan, a 5-year-old male, and Xin Bao, a 4-year-old female, were selected from the China Conservation and Research Center for the Giant Panda (CCRCGP). The black-and-white bears departed from the Bifengxia Panda Center at Ya’an City in southwest China’s Sichuan Province Wednesday evening.

The duo, transited through Hong Kong and arrived in Los Angeles International Airport, were accompanied by five experienced breeders and veterinarians during the journey.

The panda pair, the first to enter the United States in over two decades, will travel to San Diego Zoo soon after their arrival in Los Angeles. The giant pandas will be quarantined for a minimum of 30 days, per standard procedure, and the public debut date will be announced after the animal care team feels the bears are ready to meet visitors.

The CCRCGP has conducted scientific research cooperation with the San Diego Zoo for over 25 years, with fruitful results in the protection, breeding, disease control of giant pandas and related public education.