Tandem OLED screen technology is coming to notebook PCs. With this innovation, LG Display promises to equip laptop PCs with ever brighter and more durable screens. Many manufacturers are already interested in using them in their future models.

LG Display has announced the start of mass production of the first-ever 13in Tandem OLED screen panel for notebook computers. This technology, which first appeared in 2019, was previously reserved for the automotive industry. Now, laptops are set to benefit from its many advantages.

This technology stands out for its enhanced performance and reduced energy consumption. In terms of technology, it combines two stacks of red, green and blue (RGB) organic light emitting layers, offering far greater brightness than conventional single-layer OLED panels.

According to the South Korean manufacturer, this technology doubles the lifespan and triples the brightness of traditional OLED screens, while reducing their energy consumption by up to 40%. This type of screen is also around 40% thinner and 28% lighter than current displays. These first screens will also be touch-sensitive.

In addition to its own PCs, LG has already announced that one of its first customers to integrate these Tandem OLED displays will be Dell. Another American manufacturer, Apple, could also one day use these screens, when they become available in 14in and/or 16in sizes.

Indeed, the Cupertino-based brand has already opted for Tandem OLED for its brand-new iPad Pro M4. The technology could also give rise to the very first touchscreen MacBook, but confirmation of this is unlikely before 2025 or 2026. – AFP Relaxnews