The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has issued a notice to submit the accounts of the movable and immovable assets of Benazir Ahmed, his wife and two daughters, the controversial former Inspector General of Police (IGP). The notice gives 21 working days to submit the asset account.

ACC Secretary Khorseda Yasmin confirmed that the notice was given from the agency’s head office on Tuesday (July 2).

According to the notices, on the basis of the information received, the ACC has come to the firm belief that you have anonymously owned a large amount of assets/assets in names other than known income. All movable and immovable assets, liabilities, sources of income and the details of their acquisition shall be submitted to the commission.

The notice mentions that action will be taken as per Section 5(2) of the Anti-Corruption Commission Act, 2004 if the asset statement fails to be submitted in the prescribed table within 21 working days of receiving this order or if false asset statement is submitted.

On June 23 and 24, Benji’s family filed a written statement of complaint through a lawyer on allegations of corruption and acquisition of huge amounts of illegal wealth.

According to various sources, Benazir Ahmed is abroad with his family and has not returned to the country yet. Benazir Ahmed was summoned on June 6 and wife Jisan Mirza and two daughters on June 9 for the first round of questioning as part of the investigation. However, it is assumed that he or they are not in the country. However, ACC has not banned them from traveling abroad.

Reports were published in a daily newspaper titled ‘Aladdin’s lamp in Benazir’s house’ on March 31 and ‘Benazir’s resort in forest land’ on April 3. Allegations of acquiring illegal wealth against former IGP Benazir Ahmed and his family members have surfaced. After examining the complaint, the ACC decided to investigate.

According to various sources, a copy of the court order to stop the sale and transfer of seized land in the name of Benjir and his family members has been sent to the concerned district registrar and the concerned sub-registrar. So that the land is not registered in someone else’s name, a copy of the court judgment is sent to the concerned Deputy Commissioner and the concerned Aceland Office. Besides, the said order of the court was sent to the Directorate of Joint Venture Companies and Firms to stop the transfer of ownership of the company. At the same time, blocking order to stop withdrawal of money deposited in the bank was sent to Sonali Bank and other related banks.

On May 23, the court ordered the seizure of 83 properties and 33 bank accounts of former IGP Benazir Ahmed. On the other hand, on May 26, the court ordered the seizure of 119 land deeds, 23 company shares and four flats in Gulshan in the name of Benazir and his family members. On May 23, 345 bighas (114 acres) of land, 33 accounts of various banks were ordered to be seized and blocked. In all, 627 bighas of land were croced.

Benazir Ahmed and his wife and children’s immovable assets and bank accounts are being seized. A receiver has already been appointed.

On April 22, the ACC began investigating allegations of illegal acquisition of wealth against Benazir, his wife Jisan Mirza, two daughters Farhin Rishta bint Benazir and Tashin Raisa bint Benazir. A three-member Special Investigation Team headed by ACC Head Office Deputy Director Hafizul Islam is investigating the allegation.

On the other hand, another complaint of passport forgery against Benazir is pending in ACC. On June 25, 15 officials including two additional directors and two directors of the passport department were interrogated.

There are allegations against the former IGP that he hid his police identity in his passport. From the beginning till now, he did not have a blue official passport as a government employee. He did not take the red passport despite having the opportunity. Even in the case of making a normal passport under the identity of a private employee, he resorted to unprecedented fraud. But if caught during the renewal, the passport department stops the renewal process. Since he was the director general of RAB at that time, the letter was sent to the RAB headquarters. However, he managed everything through illegal influence. Get special benefits without going to the passport office.