The televised debate of the US presidential election saw the two main candidates attack and counterattack each other, current President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

For the first time in four years, they faced each other ahead of the November 5 elections.

They accused each other of lying and tried to pepper each other with harsh words as they spoke on issues including foreign policy, the economy, border issues, social security, child care, the attacks on Congress and abortion.

Donald Trump has criticized Biden over his handling of the economy, foreign policy record and mass immigration. On the other hand, Biden referred to Trump’s sentence as a ‘threat to democracy’ in the court recently.

Trump ended the debate by saying that the American people are living in hell right now. In his words, ‘We have been living in hell for three and a half years’. Biden, on the other hand, promised to reduce inflation, an important issue for Americans, in his final speech and said he wants to cut taxes. At the same time, he claimed that Trump will increase taxes.

For the second time after the 2020 presidential election, Democrat Biden and Republican Trump faced each other. Biden’s voice sounded hoarse as he spoke at the debate. His campaign team said that his voice sounded like this due to his cold for the past few days.

Who won the debate?
Kate Kay, the BBC’s special correspondent in the United States, wrote that the format of this debate was relatively good for Americans. But the moderators didn’t try to fact-check the facts and it was a bad night for Joe Biden.

Many of his answers were not clear. He looked older. But the second leg of the debate was a bit better for him and he gained some momentum. But it was too late.

Donald Trump won the debate. But will it help him win the election?

What are observers saying?
Many Republicans and Democrats who watched the debate closely gave their reactions. Former Democrat Congresswoman Stephane Murphy said there were moments where Biden showed his age. It was difficult to understand him.

But on the other hand, according to him, Donald Trump has made some comments which are ‘not true’ and should be verified. He said his concern was Donald Trump’s reluctance to say whether he would accept the election results.

Former Republican congresswoman Rodney Davis said the debate was ‘a clear victory for Donald Trump’. “Unfortunately for Democrats across America, the type of debate has helped President Trump,” he said.

In an interview with the BBC’s Madeleine Halpert, Michigan State University political science professor Corwin Schmidt said Biden has shown many of his weaknesses and not many areas of strength.

It was difficult to follow him because of his visuals, voice and speed of reply. He said, ‘President Biden gave many informative answers and points. But for telling reasons they quickly disappeared.’

Trump’s performance also lacked many strengths and he also showed some weaknesses, he said.

“His answers to questions were not convincing,” said Professor Schmidt. But the answers touched on some of the concerns and issues of his constituents. His supporters want to see him as the candidate of four years ago.’

Will Trump accept the results of the election?
The CNN host, who moderated the debate, asked Trump twice if whoever won the election would accept the results of the 2024 election. He repeatedly ignored the question, instead moving on to the Russia-Ukraine issue.

Then the question was asked to him again. In response, Trump said, “If it’s a fair, legal, good election, sure.” At the same time, he repeated his unsubstantiated claims of massive rigging of the 2020 elections.

The age of the candidates is relevant
Asked about his age, Biden will be 86 when he finishes his second term. He will be the oldest president. The president responded by saying he was once criticized for being the youngest lawmaker and that Trump was “three years younger and far less qualified.”

“Look at the record,” Biden said. See how I have turned from the dire situation he left behind.’

Trump, on the other hand, is said to be 78 years old now and will be 82 years old at the end of his second term. In response, Trump said that he is in good health and brought up the topic of playing golf.

“He doesn’t do it,” Trump said. He cannot send the ball even 50 yards. I feel like I’m in as good shape as I was 25-30 years ago. Honestly, I’m brighter now’.

Childcare Costs Context
Trump was asked about his ability to pay for child care and what he would do to lower costs. In response, Trump, as usual, brought up the border issue of the United States and sharply criticized Biden.

In response, Biden hit back, saying that Trump is the “worst president in American history.” He then said Trump had done little to reduce child care costs.

Trump later outlined what he had done during his presidency. “They think I am the best and if I get four more years I will give my best,” he said.

‘Heroes live on the streets’
Donald Trump said he had never seen anyone ‘lie so much’ as ​​Joe Biden and criticized Biden for not doing the right thing about veterans.

He claimed, ‘whatever he (Biden) is saying is a lie’.

Also in this episode, Trump accused Biden of destroying the Social Security system and said “millions of people” are going to join the public pension scheme.

“What they have done to the Department of Veterans Affairs and to our veterans is unbelievable,” he said. Our heroes now live on the streets. And these people (immigrants) live in luxury hotels.’BBC Bangla

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