AHM Zakir Hossain Shikder, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatric Dentistry, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Medical University. In 2017, when the teacher of this department, Nazia Mehnaz, was her student, M.S. in the same department. Take the test. In the gap of 13 years today, one time student Dr. Teaching under Dr. Nazia Mehnaz. AHM Zakir Hossain. Dr. as a teacher. For AHM Zakir Hossain, the event could have been one of honor, dignity and glory. If the student surpasses the teacher in the correct assessment of competence and skill. Now Dr. For AHM Zakir Hossain, the matter is grief and sorrow, regret. The investigation revealed that the former vice-chancellor of the university. Nazia Mehnaz, Associate Professor of Pediatric Dentistry, has shared the responsibility of head of the department by colluding with Sharfuddin Ahmed and violating seniority. Not only that, the instructions of the Syndicate Committee of the University were not followed in this regard. The investigation revealed-
On 17 December 2022, associate professor Nazia Mehnaz was made the chairman of the pediatric dentistry department of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Medical University. In this regard, the associate professor of the same department complained to the vice-chancellor about violation of seniority. AHM Zakir Hossain.

Speaking to a few who are aware of the incident – they have heard of huge financial transactions at the time. It is known from the sources – the current chairman of the pediatric dentistry department Dr. Dr. Nazia Mehnaz is the senior doctor of the same department. AHM Zakir Hussain is 13 years younger than Chikingsock.


Many people are shocked by such allegations of irregularities and corruption in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, the only medical university and hospital in the country. By searching it is known – Dr. Nazia Mehnaz is the wife of Helal Uddin, Deputy Registrar and Assistant Professor of A University, Doctor of Orthodontics Department. According to university sources, Dr. Dr. Helal, former vice-chancellor. Sharfuddin made his wife Nazia Mehnaz the chairman of the department through huge financial transactions with Ahmed. At that time, the senior doctor of the same department was promoted to his own student.
It is known that the president of Bangladesh Medical Association Dr. Mustafa Jalal Mohiuddin 27 July 2022 Syndicate meeting due to violation of seniority, the chairman of the current department. Nazia advised Mehnaz not to be promoted. After this, one cycle later, on December 17, 2022, Dr. Syndicate meeting. Dr. Mustafa Jalal Mohiuddin absent. Nazia Mehnaz was promoted and elected as the chairman of the department.
As per university rules, at least 3 years of experience is required for promotion from Assistant Professor to Associate Professor. At that time, a recruitment circular was published for the post of Associate Professor with a time limit of 60 days. Generally recruitment notification is for 30 days period. At that time, the day before the appointment letter was submitted, doctor Nazia Mehnaz completed 3 years of service. As the recruitment notification is 60 days old and on the day before the expiry date, doctor Nazia Mehnaz can easily apply for the post of associate professor. During the long period of 60 days, the employment circular was mysterious! It is known that this is an unprecedented event in the history of the university.

Since becoming the chairman of the department, the husband and wife have coordinated and focused on purchasing. On 1st July 2023 Zohra Khatun, Senior Staff Nurse (Incharge) Department of Pediatric Dentistry, applied to the President, Departmental Purchase Committee, Department of Pediatric Dentistry for the purchase of a dental unit from Faculty of Dentistry. At that time, Dr. AHM Zakir Hossain Sikder was the member secretary of the departmental purchase committee. It is known from the sources that the departmental chairman Dr. disregarding the government regulations. Nazia Mehnaz resorted to utter corruption and nepotism. Dr. Nazia Mehnaz set up a Foshan China dental unit machine through her own company MMM Trade International through her brother-in-law i.e. husband doctor Helal’s younger brother Akhtar Hossain. Deploying machines without following PPR-2008 only by own people caused adverse reactions among departmental doctors.

In a new order dated 25 July 2023, Dr Nazia Mehnaz was made the member secretary of the departmental committee. But from July 1, 2023, he showed himself as the member secretary of the procurement committee and completed all the processes. Which is completely illegal and illegal. Earlier, Zakir Hossain Sikdar, associate professor of pediatrics department, was placed in the purchase committee. As a member of the purchase committee, he was removed for opposing the purchase of goods from one’s close relatives.
There is no provision for purchase from close relatives as per government rules. Each department of the university has a procurement committee. The rules for constituting the purchase committee have provisions to include teachers of the department. He violated it and added two teachers from other departments. One of them is Ashish Kumar Biswas, Associate Professor of Orthodontics Department.
In the recruitment circular of Pediatric Dentistry Department, it was mentioned that – Candidates with FCS MS degree from specified department should be appointed. He ignored it and appointed Dr. Kamal Abdullah Shanto who did not study the subject.

The chairman of the department could not be contacted on the spot. If done on his mobile phone, he said he would call back later. Later, he was sent messages on mobile and WhatsApp, but he did not reply to the messages.
Till the time of writing this report, due to mysterious reasons, no action has been taken as per the rules.

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