The construction and real estate industry in India is undergoing a transformative phase, driven by substantial investments and the adoption of cutting-edge technologies. This growth is opening up numerous career opportunities for freshers, making it an exciting time to enter the job market. Here’s a closer look at the career prospects in this sector based on insights from the TeamLease EdTech Career Outlook Report for January-June 2024.

Growth and demand in construction and real estate

The construction and real estate industry is among the top sectors intending to hire fresh talent, with a hiring intent of 24%, indicating robust demand for new graduates. Leading Indian construction firms are investing over Rs 3,500 crores in residential and commercial projects, creating substantial job opportunities for freshers. The adoption of advanced technologies like virtual and augmented reality, AI, blockchain, big data analytics, IoT, drones, 5G, smart homes, and cloud computing is reshaping the industry, further enhancing its attractiveness for young professionals.

Key roles and skills in demand

Several key roles are emerging as critical in the construction and real estate sector. Freshers can look forward to opportunities in various positions, such as:

1. Estimation and costing engineer: This role involves preparing cost estimates and budgets for construction projects. The highest demand for this role is seen in Delhi (34%), Pune (25%), and Coimbatore (20%).

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2. Geotechnical engineer: Focused on analyzing soil, rock, and other earth materials to determine their engineering properties, this role is crucial for infrastructure projects. High demand is noted in Hyderabad (31%), Chandigarh (27%), and Kochi (22%).

3. Field sales executive: Responsible for selling construction materials and services, with significant demand in Hyderabad (31%) and Mumbai (24%).

4. Land surveyor engineer: This role involves mapping and surveying land for construction projects, with demand spread across various cities, including Delhi and Bangalore.

5. R&D of new construction technologies: Involves researching and developing innovative construction methods and materials, which is crucial for staying ahead in a competitive market.

6. 3D printing specialist: Focuses on using 3D printing technology to create building components, which offers new possibilities in construction design and efficiency.

7. Remote construction and on-site assembly specialist: Manages remote construction projects and oversees on-site assembly processes, which is essential for modern construction projects.

8. AR and VR technologies expert: Utilizes augmented reality and virtual reality to improve project visualization and planning, enhancing the design and construction process.

9. Digital twins engineer: Works with digital twin technology to create virtual models of physical structures, helping to optimize construction processes and maintenance.

10. Drones operator: Uses drones for site surveys, inspections, and monitoring, providing critical data for construction projects.

11. Building information modeling (BIM) specialist: This specialist role creates and manages digital representations of physical and functional characteristics of places, which is integral for modern construction management.

These roles require a mix of technical skills, such as proficiency in GIS (Geographic Information System), AutoCAD, and project management certification, as well as soft skills, such as adaptability, problem-solving, and effective communication.

Upskilling and degree apprenticeship programmes

The construction and real estate sector is rapidly evolving, and continuous learning is essential for career growth. Degree apprenticeships are becoming a popular route, allowing freshers to earn while they learn and gain valuable industry experience. Specialized courses in areas like Estimation and Costing, Geotechnical Engineering, and Project Management can significantly enhance employability. Staying updated with the latest technological advancements and sustainable practices can also provide a competitive edge.

City-wise demand for freshers

The demand for freshers varies across cities, with Bangalore (69%), Mumbai (58%), and Chennai (51%) being the top cities for hiring in the construction and real estate sector. These cities offer a vibrant job market and numerous opportunities for career advancement.

The construction and real estate sector in India presents promising career opportunities for freshers. With substantial investments and the integration of advanced technologies, the industry is poised for significant growth. By acquiring relevant skills and staying updated with industry trends, freshers can secure fulfilling and lucrative careers in this dynamic sector.

(The author is the head of employability business and COO, TeamLease EdTech)