PETALING JAYA: Malaysians generally agree that the new official uniform of the Malaysian contingent to the Paris Olympic Games is better than the original – but it can be improved further.

Olympic Council Malaysia (OCM) president Tan Sr Norza Zakaria said the “fiercer” tiger stripe pattern was bolder and more vibrant than the previous design.

“Much better. Congratulations!” said Zulfikry Basar on the revised design in a comment on The Star’s Facebook post on Tuesday (July 2).

Another user, Yang Rq, agreed that the new design looks much better, adding that social media drove the change in design.

“That is more like it, at least a hint of belang (stripes),” said Michael M Fox.

However, many said the design could be improved further.

Jason Chan agreed that the bolder stripe improved the design, but said OCM should have used the colours of the Team Malaysia logo as well.

Allison Low said the new design is better but it still lacked the “wow” factor.

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Teddy Teh said the design was similar to the previous version and expressed hope that Malaysia could “see a better version in future”.

“There were so many great designs from netizens,” said user Demos Deuter.

Many Malaysians were unhappy with the previous design, with some saying it was “subdued” and did not represent Malaysia’s identity.

However, several social media users still did not like the new design.

One of them, Prem Ali, said he expected a “better design than this”.

Iylia Azri Garewal was not pleased as well, calling it a “recycled design”.

Another user, Bavindh PV said the Team Malaysia bunting seen in the photo had a better design.

“I just feel like copying that (logo and bunting design),” he said.

On Instagram, Jonathan Pillay said there was “nothing fiercer” about the new design.

An unimpressed Denise Ng even said she preferred the previous design.