PETALING JAYA: Malaysian authorities are working closely with the Chinese Embassy to provide support and assistance to the families of victims of the bus crash that claimed the lives of two tourists from China, says Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing.

The Tourism, Arts and Culture Minister said the government is committed to conducting a thorough review.

He said that he visited the Temerloh Hospital to check on several victims.

Tong added that family members of several victims arrived from China on Monday (July 1) night.

“We had initial discussions about the funeral arrangements, injured victims’ treatment and transfer as well as the handling of relevant documents.

“The ministry will actively cooperate with the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia to assist them with various matters and provide support within our capabilities,” he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (July 2).

Tiong also said he visited the Bentong police headquarters to learn more about the accident.

“I hope everyone can learn from this accident, and that we will receive visitors from around the world with a professional attitude and comprehensive measures, to build a good reputation for Malaysian tourism,” he said.

Tiong also apologised to all victims and their families.

“We will conduct a thorough review and provide a reasonable explanation,” he added.

At about 11am on Saturday (June 29), a tour bus carrying 18 Chinese tourists with a driver, an assistant and a tour guide on board crashed on the way down from Genting Highlands, killing two people.

The 32-year-old bus driver did not have a driving licence and had 27 previous traffic summonses for various offences. He had since been arrested for an investigation.

Preliminary investigations showed the bus involved in the accident is over 15 years old and its permit expired four months ago.