The crime branch of the Pune City police — which is investigating the Porsche car crash in which two young techies were killed — has obtained the ‘crash impact assessment’ report of the accident prepared by a forensics expert from the Indian Army. Officials said the assessment maps the impact of the crash on the vehicles involved and connects it with the injuries of the deceased.

In the early hours of May 19, a minor boy was allegedly driving the Porsche car at a very high speed while intoxicated and the vehicle crashed into a bike killing two software engineers Aneesh Awadhiya and Ashwini Koshta. Police have charged the 17-and-a-half-year-old with culpable homicide not amounting to murder and relevant provisions of the Motor Vehicle Act. In the same offense, the police have booked two doctors and a staffer of Sassoon General Hospital, the minors’ parents and two middlemen on the charges of swapping the minor’s blood sample with his mother’s.

Additional Commissioner of Police (crime) Shailesh Balkawade said, “We had sought a crash impact assessment report of the accident from a forensics expert who is from the Indian Army. We have received the report which primarily connects the dots between the evidence we have and the incident that took place.”

An officer from the crime branch who is part of the probe said, “The crash impact assessment report analyzes the impact of the crash on the two vehicles — the Porsche car and the bike which the deceased were riding. The analysis links the impact of the crash with the condition of the two vehicles post the crash. It maps the exact part of the bike which the car hit. Our initial assessment shows that the girl who was riding pillion on the bike, fell on the windshield of the car, after the impact causing a crack in the windshield. The assessment not just maps the impact of the crash on the vehicles but connects it with the injuries of the deceased and the way the bodies of the deceased were found lying on the road. The assessment basically connects the actual evidence we have with the incident. This is yet another effort to present the evidence we have before the court during the trial.”

The official added, “Such impact assessments are done in the cases of serious accidents. Army’s forensics expert who has helped us, has helped Maharashtra police in the past in a very serious investigation. He has helped us in this case in his individual capacity.”

Festive offer

Earlier, the Pune City police said they would be seeking appointment of a Special Public Prosecutor in the case and will also be pressing for the trial to be conducted in a fast-track manner. When asked about the appointment of special public prosecutor, a senior officer said the name of the advocate was in the process of being finalized.

Earlier, police said a simulated model recreating the accident scenario is being prepared using Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools which will be presented as technical evidence in the court for the trial. Officials said that they have shortlisted two firms for this task — one from Hyderabad and another from Bangalore — and will soon finalize the entity. Police hope that the simulated model will act as corroborative evidence.

AI-based technologies facilitate pattern recognition, analysis of visuals, increasing the accuracy of the crime scene reconstruction and help prepare a simulated model of the crime, said police officials.

On June 5, a court in Pune with the additional charge of the Justice Board (JJB) had extended till Wednesday the remand of the accused juvenile. The minor is slated to be produced before the competent court on Wednesday.

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