ARIES HOROSCOPE TODAY: Current pressures hard-going

If you’re a perfectionist, like so many members of your sign, you may be finding current pressures rather hard-going. However, if you are ready to take life as it comes, there’ll be much to stimulate and entertain you, perhaps opening a window on a completely new world.

TAURUS HOROSCOPE TODAY: present lull is temporary

It may seem that you have now had your last chance to take an important decision on money, perhaps involving partners and close friends. However, the present lull is but a temporary phase. While you’re in it, it could feel as if it’s lasting forever.


Delays are inevitable, but there’s nothing to worry about. At such times, when life slows down, you must take the opportunity to reflect on the state of your life so far, and consider just where your current activities are taking you. Do you really want to be the center of attention? If not, alter your course now.

CANCER HOROSCOPE TODAY: lively social life

Discreet discussions are likely quite soon and if these involve your work, the outcome will include welcome long-term benefits. An increasingly lively social life will provide the absolutely perfect counter-balance to your steadily accumulating responsibilities.

LEO HOROSCOPE TODAY: deepen your mental processes

The general impact of current planetary influences is to deepen your mental processes. The result will be a mood of increasing seriousness combined with delays and, quite possibly, broken arrangements in your social life. But, then, you’re getting used to that!

Festive offer

VIRGO HOROSCOPE TODAY: get home affairs straight

Significant discussions are becoming more intense and serious, now there is a hint that there is more to be settled before agreement is reached. Concentrate on getting your home affairs straight and establishing order in family arrangements – and, if you have any doubts, let partners set the pace.

LIBRA HOROSCOPE TODAY: ready to deliver

This could be a critical time for all money matters. You’d be well advised to get hold of more information, although you must wait a little longer before deals are finalized to everyone’s satisfaction. Romantic partners continue to make extra demands – and I suspect you’re ready to deliver whatever they ask.

SCORPIO HOROSCOPE TODAY: put your suspicions aside

You should know by now that it’s much better to let other people understand what you’re really feeling, otherwise you can’t complain if you are misunderstood. Partners genuinely want to help, so put your suspicions to one side and welcome whatever assistance is offered.

SAGITTARIUS HOROSCOPE TODAY: Discuss your plans and proposals

Certain proposals must be left on ice for a little while, at least until you have had time to digest what partners have said and done. You must continue to discuss your plans and proposals in as much detail as is required. Never feel you have to make a final decision until you are ready.

CAPRICORN HOROSCOPE TODAY: outgoing and sociable mood

Although you are often in an outgoing and sociable mood, you have a tendency to go behind people’s backs, even if well-intentioned. Don’t be surprised if friends are bemused by your behavior. After all, you have been putting out confusing signals!

AQUARIUS HOROSCOPE TODAY: Broaden your horizons

It’s an excellent time to broaden your horizons and diversify your affairs. Not only is your career involved in this reassessment, but so is a whole range of leisure and social activities. But, first, you must finalize financial plans as soon as you can.

PISCES HOROSCOPE TODAY: be more realistic

Why not live up to your reputation and be more tolerant in your dealings with loved ones? The demands you make on them have more to do with your own high expectations than the reality of the current situation. In other words, you’ll do yourself a power of good by being more realistic.