PETALING JAYA: The decision to extend educational opportunities to all races must be implemented speedily, especially to the less fortunate, says Muda acting president Amira Aisyah.

The Puteri Wangsa assemblyman said she welcomed the decision announced by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim recently to allow SPM holders with excellent results to enrol at the matriculation level.

“This is a clear signal that the previous national education system did not transparently provide equal opportunities to all students across different races.

“We must also accept the reality that the national education system still segregates non-bumiputra students,” she wrote on her Facebook page on Wednesday (July 3).

She said other non-bumiputra students from less fortunate backgrounds should also be given the opportunity even if their results were not outstanding.

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“It is clear that the Prime Minister’s decision needs to be expedited. Muda aligns with the idea of opening educational opportunities to all students.

“However, we must also consider those who do not achieve 10A results, broaden the national education system, and act fairly to everyone,” Amira added.

Anwar announced that the government would ensure all SPM leavers who achieved 10As and above, regardless of race or background, would be offered the opportunity to pursue matriculation studies starting this year.

The Prime Minister said the decision, agreed upon by the Cabinet during a meeting on Friday (June 28), would not affect the existing bumiputra student quota.