In discussions about ceasefire, Israel is returning.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved new discussions on a ceasefire. These discussions will take place in Doha, the capital of Qatar, and Cairo, the capital of Egypt.

Netanyahu’s office has informed about this on Friday, March 29th.

On Monday, the proposal for a ceasefire in Gaza was adopted at the United Nations Security Council. The United States did not veto this proposal on that day. Netanyahu then sent back the negotiating team in Doha.

The intermediary country Qatar has confirmed on the next day, Tuesday, that discussions on the ceasefire are still ongoing. However, both warring parties and intermediaries have not disclosed much information on this matter.

Netanyahu’s office has further stated that he has had a new discussion with Mossad chief David Barnier. However, they have not clarified whether Barnier will go to Doha or Cairo himself.

On October 7th, Palestinian armed groups, including Hamas, launched an attack targeting various illegal settlements in Israel. In that attack, 1,200 Israelis lost their lives.

Since then, Israeli forces have started a brutal attack in Gaza. So far, nearly 33,000 Palestinians have died in their attacks in Gaza. In addition, nearly a million people have been injured.

Alongside the 1,200 Israelis killed, another 250 have been captured by Hamas fighters in Gaza. Of them, 105 were released in a week-long ceasefire last November.

Israel still has 130 prisoners in Hamas custody. Of them, 33 have already lost their lives.

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