In the United States, a Bangladeshi youth was killed in a police shooting

“In New York, United States, a Bangladeshi youth lost his life in a police shooting. The youth, named Win Rosario, aged 22, was shot by the police inside his own home in Ozone Park. Upon being taken to the hospital, doctors declared him dead.

Win Rosario’s family resides on 103rd Street and 101st Avenue in Ozone Park, New York.

It is known that on Wednesday around 1:30 PM local time, Win Rosario made a call to the emergency number 911 from his home. Claiming to have mental instability, he expressed his desire to be freed from this problem through death to the police. However, the deceased’s father alleges that the police killed his innocent son.

The police state that upon reaching the house, they saw Win Rosario holding a knife. At that moment, when he advanced with the knife, the police fired directly at him.

The father of the deceased, Francis Rosario, says that since his son himself claimed to be mentally unstable, why was he shot? He accuses the police of murder.

The police claim that the deceased youth was addicted to drugs and mentally disturbed. This incident has sparked mixed reactions within the Bangladeshi community.”

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