Filing an Income Tax Return (ITR) is a crucial responsibility for Indian citizens. While meticulous attention to detail is paramount, errors can inadvertently occur. Errors in your ITR can lead to a cascade of consequences. Inaccuracies might delay processing, trigger demands for additional tax payments, or even attract penalties. Conversely, under-reporting income can have serious legal ramifications. Fortunately, the Income Tax Department offers provisions to rectify these mistakes and ensure an accurate tax filing.

ITR-Filing: Correction process

When you discover an error in your filed ITR, you have two primary options for rectification.

1. Rectification Request (Minor Errors)

This is for small errors you catch after the Central Processing Center (CPC) has processed your ITR. It is ideal for rectifying mistakes like discrepancies in income figures reported on your ITR compared to the Form 16 received from your employer, incorrect deductions claimed under various sections and errors in bank account details for tax refund purposes.

Rectification process

The rectification request process is relatively straightforward and can be completed online. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

  • Access the e-filing Portal: Login to the Income Tax Department’s e-filing portal (
  • Navigate to ‘My Account’: Go to the ‘My Account’ section once logged in.
  • Select ‘e-Filing’: Within ‘My Account’, select the ‘e-Filing’ option.
  • Choose ‘Rectification of Return’: Under the ‘e-Filing’ menu, identify and click on the ‘Rectification of Return’ option.
  • Select the Assessment Year: Choose the assessment year for which you want to file the rectification request.
  • Enter Acknowledgment Number: Provide the acknowledgment number of the ITR you wish to rectify.
  • Specify Particulars of Error: Explain the nature of the error you want to rectify. Mention the specific section, income head, or deduction where the mistake occurred.
  • Attach Supporting Documents (Optional): If you have any documents to substantiate your claim (eg, revised Form 16), you can upload them for supporting evidence.
  • Submit the Request: Once you’ve filled in all the details and attached any supporting documents, submit the rectification request online.
  • Track the Status: The e-filing portal allows you to track the status of your rectification request. You’ll receive communication from the CPC regarding the outcome of your request.

2. Revised Return (Significant Errors):

This is for bigger mistakes, or your ITR has not been processed yet. You’ll need to submit a whole new ITR with the corrections. This process is ideal for rectifying mistakes like filing the wrong ITR form for your income category, omitting significant income sources, and claiming incorrect tax credits or deductions.

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Revision process

If your error is significant or your ITR has not been processed, filing a revised return is recommended.

  • Download the Correct ITR Form: Access the Income Tax Department’s website and download the correct ITR form for the relevant assessment year. Ensure you select the same form you initially filed to avoid further complications.
  • Fill Out the ITR Form Meticulously: Carefully fill out the ITR form, ensuring all details are accurate and reflect the corrections you need to make. Pay close attention to sections where you made errors in the original ITR.
  • Attach Supporting Documents: Compile and include any documents that support the changes you’re making in the revised ITR. These could be revised Form 16s, investment proofs, medical bills (if claiming deductions), or any other documentation relevant to your corrections.
  • E-Verify or Submit Physically: Once the revised ITR is complete, you have two options for submission:
  • E-verification: If your total income for the relevant assessment year is less than ₹5 lakh, you can e-verify the revised return using your Aadhaar OTP or existing Electronic Verification Code (EVC) received from authorized sources.
  • Physical Submission: For revised returns with a total income exceeding ₹5 lakh, or if e-verification isn’t an option, you can submit a paper copy of the revised ITR and supporting documents to the CPC in Bangalore. You can find instructions for physical submission on the Income Tax Department’s website.