PETALING JAYA: Organisers of a fishing programme who released the Chao Praya catfish for a fishing competition in Tasik Biru, Selangor have pledged to rectify their actions through various measures, says the Selangor Fisheries Department.

The department said they were alerted to this through a recent social media post, saying they later met with the programme’s organisers and management.

“The organisers admitted oversight in their actions and will take various steps to rectify their mistake,” said the department in a statement.

This includes reminding the programme’s participants not to release their catch in water bodies during or after the programme.

“The organisers also pledged to set nets at water exit points of the lake to ensure the invasive fish species will not enter general waterways,” it said.

Organisers will also have to work with the department and other agencies on programmes to remove the invasive fish species from the lake.

In the same statement, Selangor Fisheries Department director Noraisyah Abu Bakar reminded all quarters not to release any invasive fish species in lakes or rivers.

“Those intending to release any fish should check with the state or district fisheries offices.

“We will also work closely with other agencies including the local authorities to prevent any issues from repeating,” she said.

In a separate statement, the organisers apologised for their actions and pledged to cooperate with the Selangor Fisheries Department.

“We apologise for any inconvenience following this and will ensure this does not happen again,” they said.