IPOH: All assemblymen are encouraged to wear only the Malaysian batik on Thursday during the Perak state legislative sitting which starts next week, says speaker Datuk Mohammad Zahir Abdul Khalid.

He said as everyone knows batik is allowed to be worn on Thursdays, so I hope they choose the Malaysian batik.

“The batik outfit must not be the ones from Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia or Africa.

“Thus, I would like to remind everyone involved to wear the appropriate batik from Malaysia only,” he told reporters on Thursday (July 4) after providing details on the coming state assembly sitting.

The three-day assembly sitting starts on Tuesday (July 9) and will end on Thursday. (July 11).

Mohammad Zahir added that he also received two motions from Keranji assemblyman Angeline Koo Haai Yen, and Simpang Pulai assemblyman Wong Chai Yi.

He said the first one by Koo is on the proposal to introduce a new enactment, or regulation related to the control of animals that roam in Perak by establishing a special select committee consisting of members of the state assembly.

Another motion brought forward, he said, was on a proposal to hold a special conference to address the issue of the extreme weather phenomenon and climate change as well as flash floods that would cause an impact on the lives of the people in the state.

When asked later what sort of animals the proposal was about, Mohammad Zahir said initially the assemblyman was referring to cows and buffaloes.

“However, the speaker has the power under the standing order, thus that motion has been amended to include all animals including dogs, wild boars and elephants that cause nuisance and problems,” he added.

Mohammad Zahir also said that the oral question time would be increased to three hours per day from the one-and-the-half hours prior to this.

“A total of six assemblymen, both from the government and ruling parties will be given the chance to debate on each of the motions brought forward,” he added.