SERDANG: A team led by the secretary-general of the Energy Transition and Water Transformation Ministry (Petra) will address the delays in 145 out of 712 water infrastructure projects, costing some RM6.15bil, as highlighted by the Auditor-General’s report 2/2024, says Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof.

The Deputy Prime Minister, who is also in charge of Petra, said that the team is currently looking at all of the matters highlighted in the Auditor-General’s Report.

“Our secretary-general will lead the team to ensure that all of the issues raised in the auditor general’s remarks will be acted upon and hopefully this will not recur in the future,” he told reporters after launching The Agriculture Census 2024 at Maeps on Thursday (July 4).

Earlier, the Auditor-General’s report 2/2024 revealed that some 145 out of 712 water infrastructure development projects had been delayed beyond schedule, involving a cost of RM6.15bil, from its audit on the national water management system.

The audit was conducted on the Natural Resources, Environment and Climate Change and Energy Transition and Water Transformation ministries, management of water resources.

The delays ranged between 86 to 1,076 days.

Asked about the allocation for the Opposition MPs, Fadillah said that the allocation was purely under the purview of the Prime Minister.

“For the allocation, it is actually for each parliamentary constituency,” he explained.

“However, we are still finalising all of the details,” he added.