KOTA BARU: The second phase of the Cloud Seeding Operation by the Kemubu Agricultural Development Board (Kada) is expected to be carried out early next month to ensure more consistent rain in Kelantan.

Kada chairman Muhammad Husain said this was decided by the Agriculture and Food Security Ministry at a meeting on June 24.

He said it was also decided the cloud seeding be implemented in the Kelantan River catchment area following the success of the operation conducted from June 21 to 23.

“The cloud seeding managed to produce 10mm to 20mm of rain on the first day, but the water level of the Kelantan River remains at the minimum level though allowing the Kemubu Kada pump house to operate,” he told Bernama Friday (June 28).

Muhammad said to ensure more consistent rain, the ministry has asked the National Disaster Management Agency and the Meteorological Department to carry out phase two operations early next month.

On June 19, it was reported that the government agreed to carry out a cloud-seeding operation in Kelantan from June 21 to 23 to address the depletion of the Kelantan River and to mitigate the impact of the hot weather phenomenon and the Southwest Monsoon. – Bernama