THE familiar adage “save for a rainy day” is wise advice indeed, but this does not seem to take termites into consideration.

A video which went viral recently shows the damage termites can do. To a woman’s dismay, the insects demonstrated their destructive power on a large pile of cash she had stashed away.

Is there any truth to the viral?




A video posted on TikTok, which gained almost six million views in just one day, shows a woman’s dismay on discovering that termites had literally eaten through her savings.

The video, posted by the woman’s daughter, shows her sorting notes that were badly damaged by a termite infestation.

However, she noted that the termites mainly ate through larger-denomination RM50 notes (which are made from paper), leaving the polymer-based RM5 and RM1 notes relatively unscathed.

The daughter did not state where the cash was hidden, but said they had hidden money in the same location for years without any issue. It is also not stated where the incident occurred.


Moga Allah swt gantikan rezeki utk my mom yg berlipat kali gandaa….

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