“IF you build it, they will come.”

That’s the often-misquoted line from the 1989 movie “Field of Dreams”. The real quote heard by Ray Kinsella, the role Kevin Costner plays in the movie, is actually “If you build it, he will come.”

Whether it is a “he” or a “they” hardly matters really if you are one of the countless victims of motorcycle theft in the country because it could feel like “If you park it, they will come – to steal it”.

It doesn’t matter where it is parked, even if it is behind the gates of your own house. Was that what happened in Batu Caves where two thieves stole a motorcycle from a house?




According to Gombak police, the incident took place at Taman Selasih Fasa 2 around 3.20pm on Friday (June 28).

CCTV footage shows the two thieves opening the front gate of the house before wheeling the motorcycle out.

Police, in a statement, said that it is believed that the thieves hot-wired the motorcycle before roding off.

The footage has since gone viral on social media.

Anyone with information about the theft is urged to contact the police immediately.