FISH will eat almost anything you throw at them. It’s not so much a question of greed but of survival – but the same cannot be said of some unscrupulous individuals.

Recently, there was a report about a company caught adding used plastic to fish feed.

Did this really happen?




Yes indeed, a recycling factory in Kedah was busted in a joint operation headed by the Environment Department recently for adding used plastic into fish feed pellets it produces.

Natural Resources and Environmental Sustainability Minister Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad said Ops Patuh was carried out jointly with the police and the Immigration Department on Wednesday (July 3) morning.

He said one recycling factory was found to be operating illegally and also produced pellets labelled as fish food.

“The inspection found about 100 tonnes of pellets which were packed and labelled as freshwater fish food,” he said after the operation to whiten recycling operation sites in the industrial area here.