POSTS on social media have gone viral alleging that a business premises in Sandakan was raided by Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry personnel.

The accompanying captions and comments clearly identified the name of the premises but, as can happen, there was also talk that it was wrongly identified.

Is it true that a business in Sandakan was falsely identified as one that had been raided by the authorities?




Sandakan Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry chief enforcement officer Azdy Zukkry John reminded Internet users not to spread inaccurate information online that could cause confusion among consumers, after the name of a premises was falsely tied to a recent case.

In a statement, he said Domestic Trade and state Veterinary Services Department personnel had raided an outlet found storing halal products next to pork in its cold storage room following a public tip-off.

“Following the action taken as reported on June 28 where a supermarket in the Sandakan district was found storing halal-certified products alongside pork, a picture of another outlet was circulated on social media, purportedly as the premises where the incident occurred.

“The Sandakan Domestic Trade and Cost of Living Ministry branch would like to clarify that this is not the premises involved in the case, and has no relation to the premises that was raided.

“We urge consumers not to spread false information about errant businesses on social media platforms.

“This is to avoid misunderstanding among consumers,” Azdy said in a statement Monday (July 1).

He added that investigations on the actual premises involved were ongoing under the Trade Descriptions Act 2011 (Trade Description Order (Halal Definition) 2011).