In the case filed for violation of the labor law. The High Court has announced the cancellation of the order suspending Yunus’ 6-month sentence in the Labor Appellate Tribunal. In the verdict, the court said, the sentence is never suspended.

Wednesday (July 3) Justice Md. The High Court bench of Nazrul Islam Talukder and Justice Kazi Ibadat Hossain published this 50-page verdict.

Earlier on March 18 in the case filed for violation of labor law. The 6-month sentence and sentence of Yunus was canceled by the High Court in the Labor Appellate Tribunal. As a result, Dr. The judgment said that Yunus’ 6-month sentence will continue.

Justice Md announced the rule issued in this regard. The High Court bench of Nazrul Islam Talukder and Justice Kazi Ibadat Hossain gave this verdict.

Barrister Abdullah Al Mamun heard on behalf of Yunus in the court that day. Advocate Khurshid Alam Khan appeared on behalf of the Directorate of Factories.

On February 5, Dr. against the 6-month sentence in the case filed for violation of the labor law. The High Court ordered that the Labor Appellate Tribunal should be informed if Muhammad Yunus is to go abroad. At the same time, the case filed for violation of labor law. The High Court suspended the order suspending the sentence of Yunus for 6 months. Besides, the court issued a ruling on the cancellation of the suspension order.

Justice Md. The High Court bench of Nazrul Islam Talukder and Justice Kazi Ibadat Hossain gave the order.

On February 4, Dr. An appeal was filed in the High Court against the suspension of Yunus’ 6-month sentence. In addition, the permission of the court. An application was also made that Yunus could not go abroad.

Advocate Khurshid Alam Khan filed this application on behalf of the Directorate of Factories and Institutions in the relevant branch of the High Court.

On January 28, Nobel-winning economist Dr. The Labor Appellate Tribunal granted bail to four people including Muhammad Yunus. At the same time, the court accepted the appeal for hearing. The Labor Appellate Tribunal suspended the sentence given by the Labor Court that day.

Earlier, he sought bail in the Labor Appellate Tribunal. Along with that, he also appealed against the 6 months sentence in the labor law violation case, seeking acquittal on 25 arguments.

That day Dr. Lawyer Abdullah Al-Mamun, Yunus’ lawyer, said the court accepted our appeal and suspended the lower court’s entire ruling. At the same time, the lower court has set a date for bringing those documents on March 3. All have been granted permanent bail till the appeal hearing is over.

He also said, we have applied for bail and appealed to the court. It is being said in the national public and even to foreigners that the government did not file this case. The case was filed by the workers. But the fact is not correct. The government filed this case through its agency Directorate of Industries. The false case was filed on the basis that the workers were not given permanent employment, extended leave and 5 percent of the dividend. The government institution filed this case on the government’s instructions. The verdict in this case is completely illegal. According to section 307, there is no provision for punishment in this case. Because according to the section 236 of the Labor Law, there is a provision of punishment in this case. It is said in this section, if there is arrears, then a fixed time will be given for payment. Failure to do so will result in a fine of Tk 1 lakh and Tk 5,000 per day. It will be recovered as per Public Demand Recovery Act. But the Nobel laureate who made them violet to the world. Yunus and his friends were sentenced for destroying social enterprises.

Dr. was sentenced to 6 months on January 1 in the case of violation of labor law. Four accused including Muhammad Yunus. The 84-page judgment was released after the signature of Judge Sheikh Marina Sultana, who handed down the verdict.

The full judgment said that the accused have committed offenses punishable under Sections 303(5) and 307 of the Act by violating the provisions of Sections 4(7) (8), 117, 234 of the Labor Act 2006. As it is proved, the state party has been able to prove the crime against the accused beyond doubt. In this situation, the accused chairman of Grameen Telecom, Professor Dr. Mohammad Yunus, Managing Director Ashraful Hasan, Director Nurjahan Begum and Md. As the allegations of Section 303(3) and Section 307 of the Bangladesh Labor Act 2006 for violation of Section 4(7) (8), 117, 234 and Rule 107 have been proven beyond doubt, they have been sentenced to 06 (six) months of unpaid work for the offense of Section 303 (3) of the said Act. Imprisonment and fine of 5,000/-(Five thousand) taka 10 (ten) days without labor in default and 25,000/-(twenty five thousand) fine and additional 15 (fifteen) days in jail for non-payment of offense under section 307.

In the case filed on January 1 for violating the labor law. The court sentenced Muhammad Yunus to 6 months of unpaid work. However, under the conditions of appeal. The accused including Yunus were granted 1 month bail.

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