On Thursday, the USA cricket team secured a remarkable victory over Pakistan in a T20 World Cup match, clinching the win in a thrilling Super Over. This triumph stands as the USA team’s most significant achievement in the tournament, propelling them to the summit of Group A with two successive wins.

Pakistani cricket fans, as is tradition, made funny videos roasting the team. A video that has now gone viral shows a young Pakistani woman saying the team doesn’t care about the passion of Pakistanis living abroad and that they’re just chilling in the States instead of playing well.

An X user reacted to this video saying, “Pakistan players won’t see heaven for making her cry.” Another said, “I thought she would take the shirt off at some point and throw it away”.

In another video, famous Pakistani writer, poet and satirist Anwar Maqsood jokes, with a straight face, that the team must have lost to ensure Pakistan gets the $8 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund and said there is no other plausible explanation. Talking about Pakistan’s highly anticipated match against India, Maqsood said Pakistanis who bought tickets to the match will sell it at half price.

Social media platforms were also flooded with memes about Pakistan’s loss. One we came across had a snippet of YouTuber IShowSpeed, completely shocked and saying, “What?,” multiple times and also screaming a little.

Another meme depicted a moment from the movie Khatta Meetha, showing Akshay Kumar slapping Rajpal Yadav, suggesting every other team is faring well against Pakistan.

Reacting to this, one user commented, “Zimbabar,” and another user said, “And this is how America’s revenge was complete.”

One meme circulating on X said, “Hello police, I would like to report 9/11,” poking fun at the scores achieved by cricketers Mohammad Rizwan and Fakhar Zaman. Rizwan scored nine runs off eight balls, while Zaman managed 11 runs off seven balls.

An X user commented on this saying, “Ye scripted match lag rha hai ab (This looks scripted now).” A second user wrote, “Hahaha sahi hai (Hahaha, that sounds right).”

User @ajaykrishnaAJ posted a meme featuring an altered image of Nitish Kumar alongside the caption, “Yeh log jinse mai anjaan hu, mai inka bhagwan kaise ban gaya (These people whom I am unknown to, how did I become their god?),” cleverly alluding to the Lok Sabha Election 2024 results.

User @no1_aalsi_ shared a video clip from Golmaal featuring the principal, played by actor Manoj Joshi, admonishing a group of friends portrayed by Ajay Devgan (Gopal), Sharman Joshi (Laxman), Arshad Warsi (Madhav), and Tushar Kapoor (Lucky). . In this scene, Joshi’s character named Harishchandra Ramchandra Mirchandani, aka HaRaMi, is seen shouting, “Pagal ho gaya hu mai (I have gone mad).”

Here, Joshi’s character represents Pakistani cricket fans, screaming at the four friends who symbolize Babar, Rizwan, Amir, and Rauf of the team.