Mirzapur Season 3 is set to release this Friday, marking a highly anticipated return after a Four-year hiatus since Season 2 debuted on Amazon Prime Video. The trailer for this new season teases an epic showdown between Pankaj Tripathi’s Kaleen Bhaiya and Ali Fazal’s Guddu Pandit, as they vie for the Mirzapur throne. Since the world of Mirzapur is nothing short of a maze, let’s dive into a recap of the key characters and the families embroiled in this ruthless battle for control.

Mirzapur’s story starts with Pankaj Tripathi’s Akhandanand Tripathi, aka Kaleen Bhaiya. He is the powerful don of Mirzapur, involved in the illegal arms and drug trade. He is known for his calm yet menacing demeanor, ruling the region with an iron fist and facing many challengers to his throne. One of them was his own son. Munna (Divyandu Sharma), who wanted to kill his father and ascend to the throne. However, in his attempt to seize power, he is killed by his family’s key rival, Guddu Pandit (Ali Fazal), in Season 2. Satyanand (Kulbhushan Kharbanda) discovers his daughter-in-law Beena’s (Rasika Dugal) dissatisfaction with Kaleen Bhaiya. and her extramarital affair with Raja, a servant in the Tripathi household. To punish her, he gets intimate with her and impregnates her. In Season 2, Beena takes her revenge by brutally killing Satyanand. An ambitious Beena also helps Guddu Pandit against Kaleen Bhaiya by informing them of the right time to attack him and Munna, leading to the latter’s death.

The Pandit Family

In Season 1, Munna reaches a wedding uninvited and kills the groom. The deceased groom’s parents seek justice from Ramakant Pandit, an honest lawyer. However, Munna also reaches Ramakant’s house to threaten him not to fight the case against him. Ramakant’s sons, Guddu Pandit and Bablu Pandit (Vikrant Massey) beat Munna after an altercation. Seeing the Pandit brothers’ refusing to bow down to his son, Kaleen Bhaiya offers them a job. This irks Munna, who vows to take Mirzapur from his father. Munna and Guddu’s rivalry deepens when they find out that they love the same girl, Sweety Gupta (Shriya Pilgaonkar). Kaleen Bhaiya too feels threatened by Guddu and his unabashed demeanor following an argument, prompting him to order Munna to kill Guddu Pandit.

Munna reaches a wedding attended by Guddu, Sweety, Sweety’s sister Golu (Shweta Tripathi), and Bablu. Guddu and Sweety are married by this time, and Sweety is pregnant with his child. When Munna gets to know about this, he kills her and Bablu Pandit. However, Guddu manages to escape with Golu and his sister Dimpy Pandit.

In Season 2, an injured Guddu starts healing and prepares to take Mirzapur from Kaleen Bhaiya, along with Golu. Soon, Kaleen Bhaiya also learns that Guddu is alive and has joined hands with his rival Lala. While Kaleen Bhaiya gets busy with politics and Munna spreads his business, Guddu waits for the right time to attack them. Beena comes to Guddu’s aid and informs him about Kaleen Bhaiya and Munna having the least security during the final rites of Satyanand. At the final rites, Munna and Kaleen argue over ruling Mirzapur. Beena manages to further intensify their rift, and Munna decides to take down his father. However, they soon reconciled. Meanwhile, Guddu and Golu attack them, managing to kill Munna. Kaleen Bhaiya, however, manages to escape.

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Mirzapur Season 3 will release on Friday. Mirzapur Season 3 will release on Friday.

The Gupta Family

Gupta Ji is an inspector who works for Kaleen Bhaiya and wants his elder daughter Sweety to marry Munna. However, Sweety is in love with Guddu Pandit and marries him. After Munna kills Sweety at the wedding, Gupta Ji seeks revenge for his deceased daughter. However, Kaleen Bhaiya asks him to forget about Sweety and focus on finding the whereabouts of Golu.

The Shukla Family

Rati Shankar Shukla, portrayed by Shubrajyoti Barat, is a prominent antagonist in the series Mirzapur. He is a rival don to Kaleen Bhaiya and the head of a powerful criminal family based in Jaunpur. He wants to rule Mirzapur. In Season 1, Rati asks Guddu and Bablu to leave Kaleen Bhaiya and join him but they refuse his proposal and end up killing him. His son Sharad Shukla, played by Anjum Sharma, who has stayed away from the world of crime until now, decides to avenge his father’s death and take over Mirzapur. He joins hands with Munna and helps him spread his father Kaleen Bhaiya’s business, only to gain their trust and strike when the time is right.

The Tyagi Family

Dadda Tyagi steals vehicles and sells them on the black market. He has two twin sons – Shatrughan (younger son) and Bharat (elder son). The Tyagi family’s paths cross with the Tripathi family after they attack Kaleen Bhaiya’s truck full of illegal weapons. Since Bharat and Sharad are friends, the Tyagi family ultimately joins hands with the Tripathi family and agrees to do the business of illegal weapons together. Meanwhile, Golu gets in touch with Shatrughan to strike a deal on her and Guddu’s opium business. When Dadda Tyagi comes to know about this, he confronts Shatrughan. The discussion heats up and ultimately results in a shootout that kills one of his sons. While Dadda Tyagi thinks his younger son is dead, it is still not confirmed which of them died.

The Yadav Family

SP Yadav is the CM of Uttar Pradesh. He asks Kaleen Bhaiya to temper down on violence ahead of the election. However, Kaleen Bhaiya advises him to work together, which will ensure his victory. Meanwhile, SP Yadav offers Kaleen a place in his political party. Kaleen Bhaiya asks Munna to help SP Yadav’s daughter, Madhuri Yadav, with the election campaign. During the campaign, Madhuri develops feelings for Munna. Kaleen bhaiya advises Munna to marry Madhuri to gain a strong political backing. Meanwhile, SP Yadav’s younger brother JP Yadav gets him killed. Madhuri teams up with Kaleen bhaiya and gets JP Yadav embroiled in a sex scandal and pushes him out of the CM seat. While Kaleen bhaiya thinks he will be the next CM, Madhuri offers her name for the same at the party meeting and becomes UP’s CM.

Maqbool and Babar Khan

Maqbool is the trusted henchman and bodyguard of Kaleen Bhaiya. However, he soon finds out that his own nephew, Babar Khan, is working with Guddu Pandit. While he plans to kill his nephew, during a showdown between them, they decide not to interfere in each other’s work.