Create a photo of The server of Instagram is down worldwide

Social media users are facing issues as the server of Instagram is down. Users have reported automatic logouts from their accounts.

According to a report by Insider Paper, this information was revealed by Samaa TV.

As per the report of the tracking website, a total of 488 Instagram outage reports were received within 30 minutes of 6:00 AM in the Instagram app.

Among these reports, 70 users faced login issues, 19% encountered problems with the app itself, and 11% faced server connection problems. also mentioned that Instagram’s server was down for thousands of users yesterday. More than 5,000 users reported access issues on this platform.

After Instagram’s server went down, various users expressed their reactions.

An X-user on social media wrote, “Instagram users are flocking to Twitter. Provide me with entertainment. I can’t stand this downtime anymore.”

Another user wrote, “I thought I lost my Instagram account or someone hacked it. Instagram is down. Goodnight.”

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