"The YouTube has deleted half a million videos from Bangladesh."

In the past three months, the video streaming platform YouTube has removed more than one and a half million videos uploaded from Bangladesh.

The platform stated that this action was taken due to the lack of compliance with their policies.

This information was disclosed in a report released on Thursday.

According to Google’s transparency report, videos uploaded from October to December of last year were removed during these three months. During this period, the platform removed over 9 million videos worldwide, encompassing this region.

Among the 30 countries listed, India had the highest number of video removals. Bangladesh ranked eighth in terms of removals.

Apart from deleting nearly half a million videos uploaded from Bangladesh between October and December 2023, the platform also removed comments on various issues.

Content promoting extremism, nudity, and spam, as well as content not suitable for children, were removed. During these three months, over 9 million videos were removed worldwide.

The report mentioned that videos removed for violating community guidelines were mostly harmful or objectionable content, with a rate of 39.2%. Content posing a risk of incitement to violence or immediate harm was prioritized for removal.

Videos that could be upsetting or harmful to children were also removed at a rate of 32.4%. Videos containing graphic or violent content that could cause panic or distress among viewers were identified as harmful or graphic content by YouTube.

Additionally, YouTube verifies these issues of policy violation through a combination of human and machine learning algorithms (AI).

However, in 96% of the removed videos, the decision was made by AI. The remaining 4% of videos were reviewed based on complaints or recommendations from regular users of YouTube and members of the ‘priority flagger program

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