The viral wrap for Tuesday is here. From footage of a crowded Metro train in Canada reminiscent of Delhi’s Rajiv Chowk Metro station, to a clip from Telangana where a “dead” man floating in a pond created a flutter, here are your top viral videos of the day.

Bulldozer mayhem at Delhi-Lucknow toll plaza goes viral

A video of a man bulldozing toll booths on the Delhi-Lucknow highway has gone viral, causing widespread disbelief. On Tuesday, after being asked to pay the toll, the enraged operator used his bulldozer to demolish two booths before fleeing the scene. In the video shared on X, a toll booth worker can be heard saying, “The man bulldozed two booths to avoid paying the toll.” Sachin Gupta reported that the bulldozer operator’s outburst forced employees to flee for their lives. The bulldozer remains missing.

Men take refuge in Patiala ATM to escape heat

A journalist from Punjab, Gagandeep Singh, shared a video on X showing three men taking refuge from the scorching heat by sleeping inside an air-conditioned State Bank of India ATM in Patiala. Captioned “Scorching Heat Drives People to Seek Shelter in Bank ATM-#Patiala,” the video depicts the men resting comfortably on the floor, unaware of the growing crowd outside. Singh’s post has ignited widespread conversation about the extreme heat and the lengths people will go to find relief.

Ticketless passengers onboard Lucknow-Haridwar Vande Bharat

A video of the Lucknow-Haridwar Vande Bharat Express teeming with ticketless passengers has gone viral. The footage shows numerous travelers on train number 22545 struggling to find seats amid the chaos. One X user highlighted the situation and wrote, “#lucknowrailway @drmlucknow @IndianRailMedia @indianrail #rail got jacked by non ticket passengers @VandeBharatExp.” The video, shared by @IndianTechGuide, has already garnered over 441,000 views, sparking widespread discussion about train overcrowding.

Canada’s Metro madness

A video showing a crowded Metro station in Canada has gone viral, igniting a social media debate. Shared by Instagram user @battrytings, the footage captures a chaotic scene as numerous people attempt to board a Metro train. The video starts with a few commuters, seemingly of Indian descent, trying to navigate the crowded platform. As the camera pans out, it reveals the extent of the congestion, with the display board flashing “Eastbound” and “Westbound.” The text overlay on the video asks viewers, “Metro in Canada. What do you notice?

‘Dead’ man floating in pond creates flutter in Telangana

A motionless man floating in a pond near Reddypuram Kovelakuntla in Hanumakonda, Telangana, sparked confusion as police initially mistook him for a corpse. Although the incident’s date remains unclear, it later emerged that the man was intoxicated.

Reports indicate he’s a quarry worker who had been lying motionless in the pond for five hours. Upon receiving reports from local residents, Kakatiya University police rushed to the scene with emergency services. Shared by Sudhakar Udumula on X, a video captures the shirtless man floating as police attempt to retrieve him. To everyone’s surprise, the seemingly lifeless figure suddenly awakens, prompting laughter among both officers and onlookers.

These videos had social media hooked on Tuesday.