The viral wrap for Wednesday is here. Today’s viral wrap unveils a spectrum of moments — from a BJP supporter’s frustration over Lok Sabha poll results, to the real village backdrop of ‘Panchayat’, and the heated exchange between MrBeast and IShowSpeed ​​during a $100,000 challenge on YouTube, here are your top five viral videos.

In a viral video, Govind Parashar, the president of the Rashtriya Hindu Parishad (Bharat) was seen expressing frustration over the BJP’s failure to meet the 400-seat target set by Prime Minister Narendra Modi during the Lok Sabha elections.

As he watches the live updates on television, capturing the counting of votes, Parashar’s disappointment boils over, leading him to violently smash the TV on the floor. Despite attempts by onlookers to intervene, he proceeds to stomp on the TV thrice until it shatters completely. The incident, captured in Agra, Uttar Pradesh, has sparked widespread attention online.

The real ‘Panchayat’ village video viral

The latest buzz in the digital sphere revolves around the third season of Prime Video’s ‘Panchayat’, which has sparked a meme frenzy across the internet. Amidst the plethora of content, an Instagram user has stumbled upon the real-life counterpart of the ‘Phulera’ village, generating significant attention.

The viral footage showcases the iconic ‘Panchayat’ office and the renowned water tank, both central to the series’ narrative. Additionally, the video reveals the village’s original name, Mahodiya, shedding light on the series’ authentic backdrop. ‘Panchayat’ was predominantly filmed in Mahodiya Village, nestled in the Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh. Sharing the discovery on Instagram, user Amit Yadav exclaimed, “Phulera is real!”

Dalit Congress candidate dances after winning by over 51,000 votes

Congress candidate Sanjana Jatav from Bharatpur, Rajasthan, was spotted dancing joyfully with her party workers following her decisive victory over BJP’s Ramswaroop Koli. Dancing to a Rajasthani folk song, she celebrated her triumph. Reflecting on her win, she acknowledged the trust bestowed upon her by the electorate. “I thank the party leadership for giving me this opportunity and the people of Bharatpur for their immense support,” she expressed gratefully.

Game of Thrones star Sean Bean escorted out of Liverpool bar

Reports emerged of a surprising incident at a bar in Liverpool involving renowned actor Sean Bean, famous for his roles in productions like “Sharpe” and “Game of Thrones”. The 65-year-old, taking a break from filming a BBC drama in the city, allegedly found himself in a disagreement with a bouncer over his use of a vaping device. Eyewitnesses recounted a brief scuffle between Bean and the security staff at the Tom Thumb pub on Friday, resulting in his removal from the establishment.

YouTubers IShowSpeed ​​and MrBeast clash during $100,000 challenge

Festive offer

Darren Jason Watkins Jr., aka IShowSpeed, joined Mr. Beast and KSI for a $100,000 Wipeout challenge, stirring up social media. During the event, a tense moment unfolded when IShowSpeed’s attempt to touch the prize money prompted a stern warning from MrBeast about involving the law enforcement.

On Wednesday, these videos ruled social media.