KUALA LUMPUR: The MCA Youth Secretariat says it has received 173 appeal cases from post-SPM students whose applications for admission into matriculation were rejected.

“Among them, 69 students had scored 10As. Shouldn’t these students be directly admitted?”

“Among them, four students took nine subjects and scored full As. If they are not admitted to the matriculation programme, does it mean they will have no chance to enter local universities?” said MCA Youth chief Ling Tian Soon at a press conference on Thursday (July 4).

He said that the government should allow SPM students who score 9As in all their subjects to be placed in the matriculation programme.

He said that not every student opted for additional subjects, with nine being their maximum.

“The Prime Minister announced that SPM students who scored at least 10As can appeal to enter matriculation or public university foundation programmes.

Ling called on the Education Ministry and Higher Education Ministry to clarify the details to ensure consistency between what is announced and what is implemented, to avoid discrepancies between policy and practice.

The Prime Minister said the decision was reached after a Cabinet meeting on Friday (June 28).

“All of our children, when I say children, I mean Malay, Chinese, Indian, Dayak, Kadazan, and all without exception. If our children scored 10As and above or obtained excellent results, without any exception, they will get a place.

This is an assurance from the government. As such, the issue of race should no longer arise,” he said.

MCA Youth Education Consultative Committee Chairman Ong Chee Siang has urged Deputy Education Minister Wong Kah Woh’s office to quickly fill up matriculation places vacated by students pursuing other studies.

“Based on past experiences, some students who are admitted to the programme do not accept the offer and choose other educational pathways instead.

The Deputy Minister can review this and allocate those places to other qualified students,” he said.

He also mentioned that MCA Youth received 130 appeal cases last year, of which 40 were successfully admitted into the programme.