The viral wrap for Friday is here. This wrap features Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams’ zero-gravity dance moves to a man-made waterfall in China that led to a wave of ‘Made in China’ jokes across social media. Take a look at the top viral videos for today.

Sunita Williams dancing in space viral

Indian-American astronaut Sunita Williams has successfully reached the International Space Station aboard a new spacecraft developed by NASA and Boeing. Upon exiting the spacecraft, she danced and embraced the crew members stationed on the space outpost. Williams made history as the first woman to pilot and assess a new crewed spacecraft during its inaugural mission. Accompanied by fellow astronaut Barry ‘Butch’ Wilmore, she embarked on a 25-hour journey to conduct experiments and assess the craft’s performance during its week-long stay in space. Williams and Wilmore were welcomed by the ringing of the bell, an old ISS tradition.

Sunil Chhetri tears up after receiving standing ovation

Sunil Chhetri, captain of the Indian football team, was moved to tears as the Salt Lake Stadium in Kolkata gave him a standing ovation after his final match at the venue. Chhetri’s farewell game for India culminated in a 0-0 draw against Kuwait. Following the match, Chhetri took a lap of honor around the stadium, with the crowd rising to its feet and chanting his name. As a tribute to his remarkable career, the Indian players formed a guard of honor for Chhetri. With a record-breaking 94 goals, Chhetri exits as India’s highest international goal scorer, having played the highest number of matches for the team.

Bus conductor’s heroic save goes viral

A video capturing a heart-stopping moment in Kerala has quickly gained traction, amassing over 1.6 million views. It depicts a bus conductor’s heroic act as he prevents a passenger from falling out of a moving bus. A young man standing by the rear door of the bus loses his balance, teetering dangerously close to falling out and pushing the door ajar. Without hesitation, the alert conductor, stationed nearby, swiftly reaches out, grasping the man’s hand and preventing the potentially disastrous fall. The conductor’s lightning-fast response has left social media users in awe.

YouTube removes Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Bado Badi’

YouTube has taken down Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s rendition of the classic song ‘Akh Lari Bado-Badi’, titled ‘Bado Badi’, citing it as an unauthorized copy of the original. The removal of the song, which had already got 28 million views on YouTube, has naturally stirred public reaction. Fans and critics await Chahat Fateh Ali Khan’s response to the copyright infringement issue, speculating on potential steps he might take to address the situation.

Yuntai Mountain Waterfall scandal

Once revered as China’s tallest, Yuntai Mountain waterfall now finds itself at the center of controversy. A hiker’s accidental discovery exposed a startling reality – that the majestic cascade’s grandeur is artificially enhanced by hidden pipelines. Scaling the heights to capture footage from above, the hiker’s lens revealed the truth: instead of witnessing the raw power of nature, viewers were confronted with the orchestrated spectacle of man-made pipes discreetly channeling water into the fall. The shocking revelation rippled through social media, with memes spreading like wildfire as millions viewed the video. Eventually, the Yuntai Mountain Scenic Resort had no choice but to acknowledge their deceptive tactics, coming clean about their aquatic chicanery.