PETALING JAYA: An animal NGO has called on the public to lodge a report with the authorities when they witness any cruelty against animals.

The non-governmental organisation, My Forever Doggo (MFD), made the plea after highlighting the case of a dog that was allegedly abused by its owner.

In an Instagram post on Tuesday (July 2), MFD said the case was uncovered by an independent animal rescuer who shared a video of a man beating his dog, a husky, on the balcony of his condominium unit located in Kajang.

In the post, MFD said a rescuer coordinated a rescue mission and spoke civilly with the alleged animal abuser, who then handed over the husky named Kitster.

“Kitster is being examined and cared for at a veterinary clinic,” said MFD.

MFD added that a second dog, a Pomeranian, was left behind as the alleged abuser only handed over the husky.

MFD said that the alleged abuser later accused the rescuer of “kidnapping” the dog and filed a police report.

“As a result, the rescuer was instructed to either return Kitster to the abuser or to the Veterinary Services Department (DVS),” said MFD, adding that if no injuries were found on the dog, the owner can claim and bring it home.

Calling on everyone to report any animal cruelty, MFD said they can fill up a form on the DVS website and furnish as much evidence as possible.