Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who set a Guinness world record with a mass yoga session at the UN headquarters lawns last year, has tweeted a video detailing a few asanas that can easily be incorporated in your daily routine.

Although this is a buildup to the yoga day on June 21, he has been careful to choose asanas and pranayama that matter for lifestyle management as well as physical and mental well-being among 24X7 professionals. Let’s look at some of the health benefits of these asanas.

Tadasana: This is full body balance asana. It stretches the vertebrae, abdominal muscles and intestines. It clears up the congestion of nerves along the spine. Tones up muscles, ligaments in the legs, arms and along the back. Ideal for children as it stretches their spine, thus prompting them to achieve maximum height possible, which is sometimes stunted because of poor posture or the spine not being stretched. Moreover, the posture demands attention and gazing at a single point, steadying their mind and bringing in the capacity to remain still. Eases mental depression.

Trikonasana: This improves digestion and squeezes the liver, pancreas and stomach. Ideal for problems related to auto-immune disorders. Tones up muscles in stomach, waist, leg and the side of the body, strengthens pelvic fat and reduces belly fat. Good for ear problems and imbalance in liquid between ears. Helps calm nerves.

Chakrasana: Chakrasana seems to be the current favourite, with the likes of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Shilpa Shetty sharing the practice. This strengthens the arms, wrists and legs, balances the nervous system, regulates the digestive and glandular system and is good for gynaecological problems by prompting hormonal secretions. It is also good for respiratory and cardiovascular problems.

Padahastasana: This forward bending exercise impacts the spine, digestive system, the thyroid gland and all the lymph nodes in the body. It leads to good manipulation of your spine, especially in today’s world of having to use mobiles, computers and hand-held devices, which require you to be static in unnatural positions for long lengths of time.

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Shashankasana: This rabbit pose asana activates, massages and regulates the whole digestive system while rushing blood to the brain from along the spine.

Vakrasana: The twisting compresses the abdominal area, thus massaging and activating the liver, adrenal glands, pancreas and kidney. It stretches one side of the back and stomach area while simultaneously compressing the other side. This regulates the entire digestive system and helps burn the excess fat around the belly.

Bhujangasana: It is very good for strengthening the spine and making it supple. For resolving all kinds of back problems, digestive, and urogenital problems. It is beneficial for menstrual problems.

Pawanmuktasana: This is mainly done to get rid of flatulence, gas and constipation. It loosens the vertebra and is good for the lower back. Also calms you mentally.

Shalabhasana: This posture strengthens the gluteus muscle as well as sacral muscles.

Setubandhansana: This enhances the flexibility of the lower back spine and muscle of the lower back and can help sedentary workers.

Nadi Shodhan: It is a kind of pranayama that brings balance in the entire system and in the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. It helps remove blockages in the respiratory system.