KAJANG: The police aim to complete the investigation into the murder of autistic child Zayn Rayyan Abdul Matiin within six days following the remand extension for the victim’s parents, says Comm Datuk Hussein Omar Khan.

The Selangor police chief said the police must review all aspects of the case, including inconsistent statements of the suspects and witnesses.

“There are things we have to counter-check such as things not in line with our investigation.

“As the parents have been further remanded for six days, we will use the time to complete the investigation, including tieing up all aspects of the investigations such as witnesses’ statements and physical evidence,” he told reporters after launching the Selangor Police “Taman Angkat Amanita” programme on Saturday (June 8).

Whether more arrests or a prosecution will be made, Comm Hussein said it will depend on the course of the investigation within the six days.

“So far we have recorded the statements of the babysitter and two family members.

“It is premature to comment on the outcome (of the investigation). We will complete the investigation and refer the investigation paper to the deputy public prosecutor,” he said.

He said the investigation could be completed within six days or it could require more time depending on the outcome of the investigation.

“It is not suitable for me to explain in detail as the investigation is still ongoing.

“Give space for the police to investigate the matter thoroughly,” he said.

Comm Hussein said the parents’ lawyers could meet their clients but it depends on the police’s discretion.

“They can either meet the clients within the remand period or after.

“The police have the discretion to ascertain when (they can meet),” he said.

It was reported that the police had obtained a six-day remand extension on Zayn Rayyan’s parents.

The extension was granted by Magistrate Ainaa Muhamad Kamal following an initial seven-day remand that ended on Friday (June 7).

The couple was swarmed by the media after they were led out by the police in handcuffs at the court complex.

On May 31, Zayn Rayyan’s parents were arrested at Puncak Alam at about 11am and held under remand to assist the police investigation under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder.

On Dec 5, last year, Zayn Rayyan was reported missing in Damansara Damai and his body was found near a stream about 200m from his home at the Idaman Apartment the next day.

A post-mortem revealed injuries to his neck and body, leading to the conclusion that he had been killed.

During the investigation, police forensic teams combed the location where the body was found as well as the surrounding areas in Damansara Damai.

A mass DNA screening was also conducted, and 228 samples were collected.

Witnesses, including those who claimed to have last seen the autistic child alive, were also brought to the scene to assist investigations.