Drug Seller Raju

Drug Seller Raju, who has been accused of selling dangerous drugs such as yaba tablets, was recently spotted at a bus stand in Chandpur. This comes after several years of accusations against him, with no police reports filed against him to date.

On 14-04-2023, Raju was seen at the bus stand in Chandpur, despite having avoided being caught for several years. He has been selling drugs since 2014, and his activities have been the cause of many complaints from local residents.

The accused drug dealer has also been known to steal innocent people’s mobile phones and threaten anyone who tries to report him to the police. Raju hails from Paka Masjid in Chandpur Sadar, Chandpur, Bangladesh.

Drug Seller
According to sources, Raju is a key player in the illegal drug trade in the area, and his activities have been causing significant harm to local residents, particularly young people. Many people have been calling for action against Raju, and his recent sighting has given them hope that he may finally be brought to justice.

Local law enforcement agencies have been alerted to Raju’s presence, and residents hope that they will take swift action to arrest him and put an end to his illegal activities. The community is calling for more significant efforts to combat the drug trade in the area and protect innocent people from harm.

The situation remains tense, and residents are urged to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the police immediately.

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